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Closest Parking:

Parque de Estacionamento do Chão do Loureiro

Address: Calçada do Marquês de Tancos

Price: 20,00€ / Day
Alternative Parking:

Parkopedia – Martim Moniz

Address: Praça do Martim Moniz

Price: 33,90€ / Day





  Pingo Doce
Address: Largo do Chão do Loureiro 11
Schedule 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Silva Carvalho

Address: R. dos Fanqueiros 126




From Carcavelos to Cascais

Closest beaches, but also smaller and with a bigger crowd.

Transport: Catch the train from Cais do Sodré, and get off at any station after Carcavelos



Cova do Vapor / S. João (with or without a bike)


1º Take the train from Cais do Sodré to Belém

2º Take a boat from Belém to Trafaria (where you can have lunch, for example)

3º Walk/Bike from Trafaria to Cova do Vapor or S. João (total distance less than 2 Km – has a bike lane)




Its worth planning a whole day to visit:

Arrábida (A2 motorway towards the south)


Sintra (North of Lisbon)

(both are approximately 30 km from Lisbon)


Costa da Caparica

The beaches at Costa da Caparica have a total length of 15 kms.
They are quite similar all along, but each one has their own special vibe and visitors. It is frequently suggested to go beyond the 8th kilometer (in the small train that goes along the beach and only works in summertime) to really see the beauty of the coast. That is after praia da Mata. Most beaches have lifeguards on duty, have parking spaces and also restaurants and bars.
Some beaches also have surf board rental or surf classes available!
How to get there: 
Catch the “TST” bus at Praça de Espanha (blue line metro station) until Costa da Caparica ( busses 153, 158 or 159).


Fado restaurants



Sr. Vinho

Address: Rua do meio à Lapa, 18 1200-723 Lisboa

Senhor Vinho has decades of accumulated tradition, always top talent performing, and a certain charisma than maintain it one of the most iconic cultural hubs of Fado culture in Lisbon. Almost all the main contemporary Fado singers have performed here. The prices are higher than average, but these are justified if you want to escape the most common tourist-packed lower than average restaurants. A must.


Maria da Mouraria

Address: Largo da Severa, 2/2B 1100-588 Lisboa
Metro Starion:  Martim Moniz

A rising star in the new fado restaurant scene with portuguese and foreign clients alike, Maria da Mouraria gets its name from the famous Mouraria neighborhood, with such an incredibly rich fado tradition headlined by Maria Severa, a local star in the 1 st half of the 19 th century and credited as the main creator of modern fado. The place is small, modern and cosy. The management is very competent, and it opens to a beautiful small central square in the neighborhood. Traditional dishes as well as the well known “tapas” menu are highly advised. For a fado

experience without all the formal rituals.


Eating Out – Local Recommendations


Zé dos cornos


Address: Beco dos Surradores, 3, Mouraria, Lisboa

This very small traditional portuguese corner is famous for its authentic food and attitude toward their loyal clients. Very simple, unpretentious decoration, to-the-point but warm communication, and top class old-school traditional portuguese food. Go early because it’s always busy, and there is not a lot of space. Only for the most curious travellers and those wanting to dig into local vibes.



Address: Costa do Castelo 7, 1149-079 Lisboa

Chapitô is a famous name throughout Lisbon, mainly because of its famous circus arts school. However, we speak here about its restaurant, which besides having one of the most amazing views over the river, has always guaranteed great quality and creativity, by mixing traditional dishes of different countries and continents. It is not a cheap place, but definitely a sophisticated way of knowing cosmopolitan Lisbon and a classical name.


Eurico – Casa de Pasto

Address: Largo São Cristovão, 4, Mouraria, Lisboa

Eurico is another famous bastion of portuguese local culture, often also used as a local grocery store. Its is a family-run small restaurant where a familiar environment and typical, simple portuguese food are served in an informal way. Called a must my many residents of the Mouraria neighborhood, it is definitely a type of small restaurant that is slowly disappearing from the Lisbon streets. Definitely worth a visit. Few seated places, and closes quite early. Don´t arrive after 21:30. Tip!